3 Layer Baggy Pants - White
3 Layer Baggy Pants - White
Pants are made of 3-layer material with a special urethane breathable film laminated on a cotton-like lightweight tuff.
Lightweight, rain, wind, and UV protection fabric, AquaGuard® waterproof fasteners, and inner seam tape make it a full-fledged outdoor version.
3 In addition to the design pocket that matches LAYER ANORAK, there is also a zipper pocket along the seam.
The waist is made of rubber and has a built-in round cord, and the hem can be adjusted with a draw cord.
This season, Tightbooth has adopted a back pocket that uses a hidden magnet button. Extra baggy fit.

Material: Nylon 100%

Model 1: 170cm / Wearing size XL
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