Gadget Short - Tobacco
Gadget Short - Tobacco
These shorts are able to hold gadgets to suit modern lifestyles while maintaining the functionality during climbing that serves as the brand’s roots. Highlighted by large pockets extending from the front to the back, the silhouette combines comfortable looseness with a smart appearance. Tough canvas is used for these pockets, while the contrast between the two types of materials through garment-dyeing is another notable feature. Also, the D-ring with the brand logo on the right side is useful in the outdoors and in the city, as it can hold keys and bottles. They are made of 100% organic cotton twill with high durability, tension, and stiffness that can even withstand strenuous movement and are dyed to give character to their appearance.
  • 100% Organic Cotton Twill
  • Built-in Belt with an adjuster
  • Side pockets that reach all the way to the back
  • Above knee fit
  • North American sizing
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