T.H.U.G. (The Hate U Give) - White
T.H.U.G. (The Hate U Give) - White

1106 Zine is dedicated to supporting the global community

Positive social change must start in our own backyards. 
Every neighbourhood is ground zero for any revolutionary movement: be it artistic, political and/or intellectual. 

Hand printed by the team at Letter Bet Press and produced in 2 colours, The Hate U Give  T-shirt is a joint initiative between Project 1106 & Lopez Mtl. 

Proceeds will be distributed to DESTA Black Youth Network and Hoodstock, ensuring we speak to  both English and French Black communities of Montreal ( Little Burgundy & Montreal Nord). 
 all proceeds from the black tee will go to @DestaBYN and the white tee to @Hoodstock_mtlnord.

All the more reason to grab more than one, for yourself, your family, your neighbours, or anyone you see fit.

Starting today you can order yours via @lopez_mtl website.

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