Military Crewneck Cardigan - Olive
Military Crewneck Cardigan - Olive
This is a military down jacket with ribbed cuffs.
The ribbed cuffs prevent wind from passing through, making it feel like a familiar sweatshirt.
The width is a little wider, so you can wear it at a loose size without stress.
The left and right hip pockets have a 2-way design, with a flap pocket that can be inserted from the vertical direction, and a hand warmer pocket with a fleece interior that can be inserted from the horizontal direction.
The slit zipper on both sides, which is a feature of MILITARY LINE, increases the range of motion, making it easier to move around, making it easier to put your hands into the bottom pockets, and allowing you to enjoy layering.
Unlike traditional down innerwear, the silhouette is one size larger, so we recommend wearing it in a slightly looser style.

[Product specifications]
- Made of 5mm square ripstop fabric.
・Made from high quality 800FLP down.
-The front uses 4-hole buttons.
-Equipped with zipper slits on both sides.
-Equipped with 2-way hand warmer pockets on the left and right hips.
-The cuffs are ribbed to prevent wind from entering.
・You can also wash it at home.
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