Artist Series - Paulina
Artist Series - Paulina


Paulina Wisniewski is a Nashville-based multidisciplinary artist and designer who thinks in Polish, speaks in English and dreams in French. 

Born in Montreal, she grew up surrounded by her mom's buckets of paint, 90's r&b and hip hop and Saturday mornings with Ahmad Rashād.

Paulina’s heart lies in illustration and painting and she specializes in brand identity, packaging and content creation in both print and digital. 

Believing in strong conceptual visuals, from mural work to photography and stylization of products. 


“Lather, rinse, repeat”.


''Gather inspirations and dig deep into research, while throwing it down on the screen.  

Let the process take over, stylize & bring to life. 

Recycle the feeling, and move on to the next project. "

- Paulina

Product Details

  • 100% cotton
  • Silkscreened in Quebec City
  • Designed by Paulina
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