Basic Down Long Scarf - Navy
Basic Down Long Scarf - Navy
An attractive long down muffler that can be used in a variety of ways, such as wrapping it twice around the neck, tying it, or hanging it down. It's a down muffler.
The front side is made of down and the back side is made of fleece material, so it is very warm and the part that comes into direct contact with your skin is not cold.
It comes in a wide variety of colors, so we recommend matching it with a variety of wardrobe items, or with a down vest or down jacket from the same series.

[Product specifications]
- The front side uses TAION nylon fabric and 800FLP high-quality down.
- The back side is made of fleece material that has high heat retention and is soft to the touch.
・Can be made packable using the tunnel on the back side. It can be stored compactly and is convenient to carry. Perfect for going out or traveling.
・Includes reflector print "TAION".
・You can also wash it at home.
*Suitable for both men and women.
*How to wrap a muffler: Wrap it around your neck and tie it at the back, pass it through a tunnel, or let it hang.
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